Protecting Animals

Protecting Animals
Promoting Compassion

Animal Protection & Rescue League’s Orange County chapter is devoted to ending animal cruelty and suffering through education, outreach, direct action and personal change. We encourage people and organizations to rethink the use of animals for food, clothing and entertainment.


We’ve launched campaigns to oppose fur, rodeos, foie gras, animal circuses, elephant rides, puppy mills, and other cruel practices. We advocate a plant-based diet, and our potlucks and other dining events feature vegan menus. 

APRL is a grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The OC chapter is staffed entirely by volunteers and relies on donations to support our mission of helping animals.

National Animal Rights Day (NARD4) May 31, 2014.

APRL, together with “Our Planet. Theirs Too.” is sponsoring the fourth National Animal Rights Day (NARD4), which will be celebrated on Saturday May 31, 12 noon – 5 pm, on the Santa Monica beach, just north of the Pier (the edge of Colorado avenue in Santa Monica).

The event will start with a requiem ceremony for the billions of animal who die by human hands in this country every year, and the reading and signing of the Declaration of Animal Rights. After the ceremony, there will be many educational activities – free vegan food, speakers, live performances, and more - to showcase and celebrate the opposite of this sad reality - the future we are all working for - a cruelty-free nation!

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