Protecting Animals

Protecting Animals
Promoting Compassion

Animal Protection & Rescue League’s Orange County chapter is devoted to ending animal cruelty and suffering through education, outreach, direct action and personal change. We encourage people and organizations to rethink the use of animals for food, clothing and entertainment.


We’ve launched campaigns to oppose fur, rodeos, foie gras, animal circuses, elephant rides, puppy mills, and other cruel practices. We advocate a plant-based diet, and our potlucks and other dining events feature vegan menus. 

APRL is a grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The OC chapter is staffed entirely by volunteers and relies on donations to support our mission of helping animals.

The GO VEGAN Billboard Campaign

These two billboards went up on December 30, 2014, next to the I-5 freeway in Los Angeles. Together, they are getting 300,000 impressions per day, or 2 million impressions per week! They're turning heads and helping create new vegans every day.

It would be great to keep them up longer and move them around to increase their exposure. Depending on location, it costs $5,000 per month or more to run billboards like these in high-visibility locations (it cost $13,500, including fees to design and create the vinyl layouts, for the first month). The Orange County chapter of Animal Protection & Rescue League (with assistance from PETA, which provided a generous grant) spent most of its annual budget already on the billboards and lacks the funds to keep them up longer.

Your donation in any amount will help deploy these billboards in new locations to spread the word of veganism. And for donations of almost any size, there are lots of perks - including books, food, meals with vegan authors and filmmakers, and more! Meal perks are available in various locations; please check details of each perk to find one near you.

To make a donation towards this campaign please visit our Indiegogo page by clicking  here.

Help the Catalina Harbor Cats

-Alicia Snelen Koberstein

There is a colony of more than 30 feral cats living in the rugged landscape of Catalina ("Cat") Harbor on Catalina Island. The caretaker is overwhelmed, and the population is not yet controlled. Some of the cats have sustained permanent injuries from dog attacks and mean people. I've vowed to help, and have started a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN to provide needed services such as food, shelter, and medical aid. I wish to get a spay/neuter project soon underway in order to stop the population from expanding. Time is of the essence, before "kitten season". The result will be beneficial to the cats as well as the humans who share their island home. But it will be a challenging project due to the location. Transportation of cats, personnel, and supplies will require a team effort. We need help!

Tax-deductible donations of any amount to the Animal Protection and Rescue League are greatly needed and appreciated. Click on the "Donate" button on this page. Once you reach the confirmation page, click on the link "Add special instructions to recipient", and type "Cat Harbor Cats" so that your donation will be directed to this project. Alternately, if you'd like to pay by check, make it payable to APRL, noting Cat Harbor Cats on the memo line, and mail to: 

3843 South Bristol Street, Suite 294
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Be sure to check out and “like” the Catalina Harbor Cats facebook page for updates on the project. If you’d like more information about this project, or to find out other ways you can help, please contact Alicia at   We’re seeking boaters who’d volunteer to transport personnel and supplies to the island, and are also looking for veterinarians to donate their services.  Please help by spreading the word!